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Has Mold and CIRS Medicine Changed
From 1.0 To 2.0

In Video 1, we delve into the challenges that patients with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) often encounter when searching for effective treatment. The world of CIRS diagnostics and treatment is constantly evolving, and it's completely normal to be skeptical given the rapid pace of scientific advancements.

Without this crucial knowledge and insight, patients suffering from CIRS may unknowingly face various consequences that become apparent only when it's too late to reverse the loss of time, money, and, most importantly, their quality of life.

Here are three significant risks patients take when they do not have access to the information presented in this Mold and CIRS Medicine video:

1. Wasting Money on Outdated Lab Tests: It's disheartening to think about spending your hard-earned money on lab tests that have long been debunked and discarded for their inaccuracy. These outdated tests have been replaced by more scientifically accurate methods. By staying uninformed, you risk investing in tests that won't provide you with the accurate insights you need to combat CIRS effectively.

2. Chasing Ineffective Treatments: Imagine spending not only your money but also your precious time and hope on treatments that were never going to work in the first place. These treatments, including products, processes, medicines, and devices, have been evaluated and found incapable of delivering the intended treatment outcomes. Meanwhile, there are scientifically studied alternatives available that have shown their effectiveness in achieving treatment goals. Not being aware of this critical information can lead to a frustrating cycle of hope followed by disappointment.

3. Lacking a Clear Treatment Strategy: Without scientific guidance, you may struggle to define what constitutes successful treatment for CIRS. This lack of clarity can result in inaccurate conclusions about your progress, confusion about the tools needed to make progress, and ultimately, a prolonged period of sickness with little to no improvement.

When you invest your resources in outdated approaches, you not only risk staying sick for longer but also face the demoralizing consequences of unfruitful efforts, both emotionally and financially. Instead, our goal in Video 1 was to establish a foundation for understanding the changes in CIRS diagnostics and treatment. We aim to empower you with knowledge so that you can make informed decisions that align with your best interests.

These essential themes will be explored in greater detail as you progress through subsequent videos, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of CIRS treatment options. Subscribe today to take the first step toward regaining control of your health and well-being.


•The four ‘FINISH LINES’ which determine if treatment is successful and completed.

•How CIRS can cause certain genes to change their expression (signaling to other genes and cells) and how that can perpetuate CIRS symptoms and lead to long term complications of CIRS.

•How the latest CIRS research has led to more accurate identification of the root cause that is making people sick.

•An easy and common mistake people make that leaves them vulnerable and still sick, when they only focus on the first treatment Finish Line.

Our SERVICES OFFERED are not just remedies but gateways to a rejuvenated life.

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Video 1: Has Mold and CIRS Medicine Changed From 1.0 To 2.0? 

Video 2Why Does An Otherwise Energetic Person Lose Their Energy?

Video 3: My Family Says I’m Crazy

Video 4: CIRS Impact On Intimacy, Sex, and Relationships

Video 5: When Should Someone Consider Mold or Biotoxins as an Underlying Health Problem?

Video 6: What Is Happening To The Brain Of A CIRS Patient?

Video 7: How To Choose A Good Mold Doctor Part 1

Video 8: How To Choose A Mold Doctor Part 2

Video 9: Genetic Susceptibility vs. Non-Susceptibility

Video 10: Is There A Relationship Between CIRS and Autism?

Video 11: The Personal CIRS Journeys of Dr. Heyman and Dr. Michelle

Video 12: Restoring Health and the Reliability of CIRS Treatment

Video 13: Do Pets Complicate CIRS Exposure Or Treatment?

Video 14: Do You Have To Leave Your Home?

Video 15: Mast Cell Activation, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, And CIRS

Video 16: Mold and Money – Understanding The Cost of Mold/CIRS Treatment


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