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CIRS (Environmental Brain Health) Clinic

Working with Dr. Andrew Heyman, Dr. David Ross, and Dr. Michelle van der Westhuizen to continually improve the best practices for diagnosing and treating the horrible effects of mold toxicity and CIRS inspires us to create as many opportunities as possible for others to share in those remarkable discoveries so that they may have the best chances for optimal recovery.

Introductory Consultation

An initial consultation is required to become a patient of the clinic. The purpose of the consultation is to learn about your mold/CIRS needs and questions, and to introduce you to the process and approaches we take at the clinic. The consultation is not with a medical provider and no medical advice is given in this meeting, but we can discuss the patient experience we strive to create, the processes patients go through, how we apply personalized medicine, and how we work as a team on your behalf throughout your time with us.

The cost of a one-hour introductory consultation at the Environmental Brain Health Clinic is just $350, or COMPLIMENTARY (free of charge) to anyone who has purchased the TRUTH and TRUST program (at the ALL ACCESS level) and watched videos 1, 7, 8, and 16.

Simply book a 1-hour introductory consultation by calling the EBHC office on 972.378-0120 or completing the online consultation request form.

Diagnostic Service

The costs for the EBHC Diagnostic Services vary by location, but will be discussed and determined in your 1-hour introductory consultation.

The EBHC Diagnostic Services includes:

  • Two appointments with medical personnel (Duration per appointment is about two hours each for total of about 4 hours)

  • Review of your medical history and records

  • Physical examination

  • Lab tests are required to determine if you meet diagnostic requirements for CIRS.

  • In addition to the CIRS labs, other serum Lab tests are used to assess 15 key functions using leading integrative medicine metrics that indicate your body’s ability to create - ​Energy I  Resiliency  I  Endurance​ I  Detoxification I  Potency

  • The total time required to complete the entire diagnostic process is about 30 days.

  • During your second session, you will receive a personalized recommended path forward based on the results of the assessments. The path forward helps you understand what to expect in the way of treatments available, and the time and cost associated with the options.



  1. MOLD EXPOSURE POSITVE, SYMPTOMS ARE POSTIIVE, CIRS IS NEGATIVE – Some people may have symptoms associated with mold exposure, but either are not sensitive enough to have manifested CIRS or may not yet have expressed CIRS. However, personalized treatments exist for diagnoses outside of the CIRS protocol, that we are well equipped to handle. Evidence-based treatments are personalized based on test results, health history, and your goals.

  2. MOLD EXPOSURE IS POSITIVE, SYMPTOMS ARE POSITIVE, CIRS IS POSITIVE - Although anyone can develop CIRS if their biotoxin exposure is significant enough, approximately 25% of the population have a higher level of sensitivity and are more predisposed to CIRS. This will require a very specific treatment to recover.

Distinguishing between the two groups is essential because what works for one group will not work for the other group. However, EBHC is trained for this level of care and is happy to support patients through the CIRS treatment process to achieve their optimal potential recovery.

Payment and Clinical Support Options For Treatment

Three options for you to choose from:

  1. PAY AS YOU GO – You can pay for interactions with medical personnel and coaching personnel as they occur.

  2. ​​CIRS GROUP – You can participate with a cohort of about 8 to 10 other patients and your sessions with the medical staff are conducted in a group setting, via telemedicine. You pay for group enrollment and per group session. This approach has been proven to offer more patient support than the traditional pay-as-you-go approach.​

  3. ​​CONCIERGE – You can pay one fee for the year and have unmetered access to the medical team and coaching staff. You have a private message portal for rapid communication and response. Treatment meetings often feel like just a continuation of an ongoing conversation due to frequent communication. This is the maximum team support approach.

CIRS (Environmental Brain Health) Clinic FAQ's

Do you accept insurance?

No. EBHC is not enrolled with Medicare or any insurance carrier. Some lab tests may be subject to reimbursement from your insurance carrier. EBHC provides Super Bills upon request so that you can apply for reimbursement.

Do you offer payment plans?

EBHC accepts CARE CREDIT and offers payment plans for qualifying patients of up to 18 months with no interest.

How do I get started?

If you would like to set up a complimentary consultation, you can enroll in the TRUTH & TRUST ALL ACCESS program here to watch the required videos. Please contact the EBHC clinic when you have viewed videos 1, 7, 8, and 16.


If you would like to schedule your consultation without first viewing the videos, you can schedule your consultation by any of the following:


Call the EBHC office at 972.378-0120, or completing the online consultation request form by clicking here.​

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