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good mold and cirs doctor

How To Choose A Good
CIRS Doctor Part 2


In Video 8, we continue our essential two-part series on the critical topic of how to choose the right mold doctor. Dr. Heyman takes you even deeper into this crucial decision-making process, shedding light on the costly mistakes that well-meaning patients often make. These mistakes can not only drain your finances but also steal away precious time and, more importantly, hinder your ability to heal. If you're on a quest to find the most trustworthy mold/CIRS treatment provider amidst the sea of differing approaches, this video is your beacon of hope.

Here's what you can anticipate in this video:

1. Guiding Questions: Dr. Heyman builds on the foundation laid in Part 1, offering additional key questions that any patient or their family should pose to a potential provider. You'll gain a deep understanding of why these questions are pivotal and how they can serve as your safeguard against missteps in your treatment journey.

2. The Journey to Authentic Healing: Dr. Heyman and Dr. Michelle explore the profound concept of authentic healing from CIRS. They share invaluable insights on how to recognize when you've genuinely completed treatment and what it takes to select a program or provider capable of guiding you to this transformative milestone.

3. Avoiding Misplaced Hope: Dr. Heyman candidly discusses the challenges patients face when they lack the knowledge to ask the right questions and decode phrases that may lead to misplaced hope and unrealistic expectations. He provides you with the tools to assess the credibility of a treatment direction, ensuring that you make informed choices.

4. The Patient-Provider Partnership: Discover the vital partnership that exists between you and your medical provider when it comes to CIRS treatment. Dr. Heyman shares specific conversation points that empower you to evaluate if the provider you're considering aligns with the medical partnership you need for successful CIRS treatment.

Our SERVICES OFFERED are not just remedies but gateways to a rejuvenated life.

Choosing the right mold/CIRS treatment provider is a decision that can profoundly impact your health, your finances, and your future. It's not just about finding a doctor; it's about finding the right partner on your healing journey. This video equips you with the knowledge and questions to ensure you make an informed choice, protecting your health and your destiny.

Don't let confusion or misplaced expectations stand in your way. Subscribe now to access this invaluable resource that empowers you to make the right decision and embark on a path towards genuine healing from CIRS. Your health and your future are too precious to leave to chance.


•What Question Should You Ask To Make Sure You Are Diagnosed Properly.

• How To Ask A Practitioner, “How do you know what you do works?” And What To Listen For As An Answer.

• What Does, “My treatments work,” Actually Mean?  And How To Question That Statement Properly As A Potential Patient.

• More Red Flags That May Indicate Inadequate Research and Higher Risk for Wasting Time And Money.

• How To Be An Empowered Buyer Of Medical Services For Mold Toxicity.

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Video 1: Has Mold and CIRS Medicine Changed From 1.0 To 2.0? 

Video 2Why Does An Otherwise Energetic Person Lose Their Energy?

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Video 8: How To Choose A Mold Doctor Part 2

Video 9: Genetic Susceptibility vs. Non-Susceptibility

Video 10: Is There A Relationship Between CIRS and Autism?

Video 11: The Personal CIRS Journeys of Dr. Heyman and Dr. Michelle

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Video 14: Do You Have To Leave Your Home?

Video 15: Mast Cell Activation, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, And CIRS

Video 16: Mold and Money – Understanding The Cost of Mold/CIRS Treatment


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