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CIRS Information

At the Environmental Brain Health Clinic, we offer a comprehensive guide on Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), understanding the overwhelming journey faced by individuals affected by this condition, often caused by mold exposure or other environmental biotoxins. CIRS manifests as an abnormal, prolonged immune response to these toxins, highlighting the crucial link between our environment and brain health—a connection we're dedicated to reinforcing through research and patient care.

Our resource section delves into the latest findings on mold and CIRS, aiming to equip you with the knowledge needed to grasp the syndrome's pathophysiology and its impact on your health. We cover the extensive spectrum of CIRS symptoms, from cognitive issues and fatigue to systemic problems, emphasizing the importance of recognizing these signs for effective treatment. Committed to guiding our patients towards recovery and resilience, the Environmental Brain Health Clinic serves as a beacon of hope, bridging research with practical health solutions to navigate and overcome the challenges of CIRS.

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