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37 CIRS Symptoms & Mold Related Symptoms 

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Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and Mold are complex health issues that can profoundly affect one's well-being. Recognizing the symptoms is the first step towards managing and mitigating their impact. Here, we provide a comprehensive overview of the 37 symptoms commonly associated with CIRS, aiming to empower individuals with knowledge and insight.

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Mold or CIRS symptoms?

Mold illness manifests in various forms, but it's crucial to understand that not all instances qualify as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). While some individuals might develop this severe condition, others might experience milder forms of mold illness that are readily manageable through diverse treatment approaches. It's of paramount importance to make a clear distinction with mold-related health issues and CIRS.


The two conditions, though stemming from similar origins, have distinct clinical pictures and, consequently, require different treatment strategies. In cases where an individual does not exhibit the specific set of 37 symptoms associated with CIRS, they are more likely dealing with a generalized mold reaction. Fortunately, this type of mold illness is typically less severe and can be quickly and effectively addressed in most instances.

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Distinguishing between the general mold reactions and CIRS should be done by a qualified, trained CIRS medical professional. This step is essential because what works for one group will not work for the other group. Being placed in the wrong group will waste time and money for the patient. However, EBHC is trained for this level of care and is happy to support patients through either general mold treatment or the more complex CIRS treatment process to achieve their optimal potential recovery.



Assimilation of new knowledge



Light sensitivity




Joint pain

Morning stiffness


Unusual skin sensations


Shortness of breath

Sinus congestion


Excessive thirst


Appetite swings

Body temperature regulation

Urinary frequency

Red eye

Blurred vision

Unprovoked sweats

Mood swings

Unusual pains

Abdominal pains





Metallic taste

Static shock


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CIRS-related symptoms

Among the 37 symptoms associated with mold-related illness and CIRS, there are common manifestations that are important to note. For example, mood swings is the official symptom, but many CIRS patients have mood swings that appear as depression, anxiety, or anger.

Therefore, we want to spend some time on this part of our website educating you regarding what to look for as potential signs to indicate mold-related illness / CIRS may be worth considering as a possible underlying cause. 


Click on the symptom manifestation below to learn more about why it may occur is CIRS patients and how it may impact daily life.

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