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Repeatable  & Reliable CIRS Treatment

Can A CIRS Patient To Be Restored To Better Health Than They Were Before Exposure?
How Reliable & Repeatable Is CIRS Treatment?

Redefining Your Journey to Vibrant Health: Video 12 Unleashes the Power of Belief

Welcome to Video 12, a groundbreaking revelation that shatters the constraints of your current expectations and reignites your belief in a life of vibrant health. If you've been settling for crumbs of improvement, it's time to dream bigger and aim higher.

Defining Your Vision: What Do You Truly Desire?

Video 12 commences with a crucial question: "What is your vision for your life?" Is it merely about not being as sick as you are now? Is it limited to returning to a previous level of functioning, one you could endure but which fell far short of true wellness?

Are You Settling for Less?

Are you, in essence, bargaining with your health as you might with a creditor? "Just let me have a lower level of 'debt' in terms of symptoms, and I'll accept a prognosis that's not as dire." This introspection is vital. What are your expectations for the outcome of your treatment?

Learning from Real Stories: Dr. Heyman and Dr. Michelle

To delve into these critical issues, we turn to the personal stories of Dr. Heyman and Dr. Michelle. What did they lose to CIRS? What were their dreams, expectations, and the stark reality they faced?

Reclaiming What Was Lost: The Power of Belief

Imagine this: If you once rode a bicycle from San Diego to New York in just 30 days, would you settle for being "less sick" after CIRS treatment? If you completed over 50 triathlons and then lost every ounce of your athletic prowess, would you accept merely being less fatigued at the office? If you were an outdoor enthusiast, athlete, and parent, would you be content with not being as depressed as before?

Aim Higher, Believe Bolder

The resounding answer is no. And it should be no for you too. What if, instead of settling, you could establish a state of health even BETTER than what you had before CIRS invaded your life? What if you could feel and live as if you were younger, despite the years CIRS stole from you? Is it even possible?

Transforming Your Treatment Plan

Finally, if this was your vision, how would your treatment regimen differ from what it is today? This is a pivotal question. What did these two doctors do to their treatment plans that made such remarkable progress possible? How can you incorporate their insights into your own treatment plan?

Would it change your supplements? Your prescriptions? Your daily habits? Your approach to each stage of the typical treatment protocol?

A Must-See Video That Rewrites the Rules

Video 12 is not just a video; it's a paradigm shift. It redefines the goals of treatment, challenges the perspectives that medical professionals should adopt, and empowers patients to approach their CIRS care with newfound determination and belief.

Join us in Video 12 to transcend the limits of your current journey and embrace a vision of health and vitality that exceeds your wildest dreams. It's time to rewrite your story, set higher expectations, and embark on a transformative journey towards a life that's truly vibrant and fulfilling.

Our SERVICES OFFERED are not just remedies but gateways to a rejuvenated life.


• Why the health version of ‘rags to riches’ is something for every CIRS patient to discuss as part of a treatment plan.

• What are your expectations of your CIRS treatment as an overall outcome?

• Why Dr. Heyman suggests that treatment can be about not just overcoming CIRS, but also rebuilding resistance and resiliency of each body system.

• How treatment steps can be constructed so that many patients can say, “I’m not just better with regards to CIRS, but I am in better health than maybe I have ever been in my life.”

• Why it is important to know where you are regarding treatment progress regardless of how you feel – good or bad, and why feelings and symptoms either way may be misleading.

To schedule your 15 minute complimentary consult please contact us when you have watched videos 1, 7, 8, and 16.

If you would like to set up a complimentary consultation, you can enroll in the TRUTH & TRUST ALL ACCESS program here to watch the required videos. Please contact the EBHC clinic when you have viewed videos:

Video 1: Has Mold and CIRS Medicine Changed From 1.0 To 2.0? 

Video 2Why Does An Otherwise Energetic Person Lose Their Energy?

Video 3: My Family Says I’m Crazy

Video 4: CIRS Impact On Intimacy, Sex, and Relationships

Video 5: When Should Someone Consider Mold or Biotoxins as an Underlying Health Problem?

Video 6: What Is Happening To The Brain Of A CIRS Patient?

Video 7: How To Choose A Good Mold Doctor Part 1

Video 8: How To Choose A Mold Doctor Part 2

Video 9: Genetic Susceptibility vs. Non-Susceptibility

Video 10: Is There A Relationship Between CIRS and Autism?

Video 11: The Personal CIRS Journeys of Dr. Heyman and Dr. Michelle

Video 12: Restoring Health and the Reliability of CIRS Treatment

Video 13: Do Pets Complicate CIRS Exposure Or Treatment?

Video 14: Do You Have To Leave Your Home?

Video 15: Mast Cell Activation, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, And CIRS

Video 16: Mold and Money – Understanding The Cost of Mold/CIRS Treatment


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